We supply:

- OEM Global Parts

- Allianz Parts

- Johnston Parts




We carry an extensive inventory of all the parts you need. If it is a part we do not have in stock we will order it directly from our factory in California. We do all that we can to get you the part in a timely manner from same day to only a few day wait. Our goal is to keep you on the road and working!

​When you purchase one of our sweepers we bring specialized training to you. We want your machine and workers to be at their best! If any additional training is need just let us know!


We are proud to service our Global Sweepers. We do all warranties with OEM Global parts to keep your machine reliable and safe. Have a question about service or need a 'how to'? Call us and our Lead Technician is happy to help in person or we can help in a easy phone call! 

Everyone in our company is ready to get their hands dirty to help!

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